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CATEXT Cable Extender



  • HDMI to CAT6 transmitter

  • HDMI to CAT6 receiver
  • 2 power supplies
  • Manual
  • Limited 1 year warranty



see front view

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Key Features:
  • Active signal buffering for video and control (DDC) signals, at both the transmitter and receiver, maximizes video, EDID, and HDCP-encryption-key, signal integrity.
  • Programmable cable equalization at both transmitter and receiver allows system specific settings with lower cable jitter than dynamic-cable-equalization solutions.
  • Power supplies at both transmitter and receiver eliminate power-supply-current induced cable voltage-drop to improve signal integrity.

  • Using CAT6 STP, with 24 AWG HDMI, cables supports 1080p60 for a total distance of over 70 meters, with up to 30 meters of CAT6 STP cable, under nominal conditions.
  • Supports all HDMI 1.4 3D modes
  • Supports HDMI 1.4 Audio-Return-Channel (ARC).
  • Supports up to a 300 Mhz pixel clock or 1080p at 120 Hz
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