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The VisionHDQ


  • Remote Control

  • Universal power supply
  • Serial cable for updating
  • Manual
  • Limited 1 year warranty
Key Features:    
- HD analog/digital inputs with transcoding and scaling
- SD analog/digital inputs with transcoding and scaling
- SD and HD  per-pixel motion adaptive deinterlacing
- User adjustable image enhancement
- Transcode Component and RGB analog HD sources
- Component and DVI inputs auto-switch between SD and HD  source modes.
- DVI input accepts 480/576i, 1080i, 1080p24, 480p to 720p input formats
- Source aspect ratio selectable as 4:3, letter-box, 16:9 and 1.85
- Programmable output aspect ratio from 1.33 to 2.35
- Panamorph mode 1 and 2 compatibility
- Zoom in any source up to 33%
- RS232 interface for field upgradeability and control
- NTSC, PAL and SECAM auto-detection
- 3D comb filter for Svideo and Composite inputs
- Programmable output resolution from 480p to 1080p, plus 1080i
- 10 bit DAC for analog outputs
  - Four configuration memories per input
- All setup parameters are unique for each memory.
- Can correct for red or green push in a display
- Input-cropping, black, contrast, color and hue setup
- Adjustable non-linear stretch display mode
- Y/C-delay calibration.
- Primary gamut correction
- 2/5/11 point parametric grayscale calibration
- Gamma calibration
- CUE and ICP filtering
- Extensive suite of built-in test patterns
- Programmable input and output color-space
- 2:2, 3:2, 3:3 pull-down for film sources
- Universal power supply
- Optional rack mount ears
Input configurability:    
- Inputs 1-4 can be DVI, HDMI 444 or 422 component, RGBHV
- Input 5 can be Component (HD/SD), Scart (uses in7 for CVS)  RGBS, RGsB
- Input 6 can be Component (HD/SD), Scart, RGBS, RGsB
  - Input 7 always Composite
- Input 8,9 can be SVideo or Composite
- Input 10 can be SDI or Composite (uses CVS on in6 for Composite)
Features above  the VisionDVI:    
- Output resolution up to 1080p for analog and digital outputs
- Sharpness control on all input sources (only on S-Video and composite for VisionDVI)
- 1080i deinterlacing at up to 1080p output
- Larger video processing chip for improved video processing quality over the  VisionDVI
  - 10 bit DAC with oversampling for analog outputs
- 3D comb filter for Svideo and Composite inputs
- 2 more DVI inputs, 1 SDI input and analog BNC outputs standard
Features above the VisionHDP:    
- 3D comb filter for Svideo and Composite inputs
- 2 more DVI inputs, 1 SDI input standard and analog BNC outputs standard
  - Professional grade case with machined black-anodized front-panel
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